26 Sep 2013


I realized again just how simple life can be if you put
the right processes in place. i realized that me staying
motivated revolves around a few basic things that i do.
and they are things that anybody can do. So if I can
stay motivated, you can too!
If you want to stay motivated, try these basics that I
use to keep myself motivated:
Read good books and magazines, be an information
junkie. Don’t care what people say; you cannot be
successful without reading! I read books, magazines etc
all of the time. I read a breadth of information so as to
develop myself on a wide variety of topics. Keep
reading them on a regular basis throughout the month
and not just in reading binges.
Listen to good information. Get yourself into some
good tapes. Listen to what others have to say. Give
yourself a budget to spend on materials that will make
you into a motivated animal! Above all as you listen,
apply the truths in your head to your life and they will
become what you live!
Maintain a positive group of friends and colleagues.
One of the best things you can do is to surround
yourself with positive people who will build you up and
encourage you to pursue your dreams. They will be
honest with you, yes, but they will always challenge to
shoot for the stars!
Focus clearly on my goals. I know where I am going
and what I want to accomplish. They are firmly rooted
in my mind and heart. Because of this, my mind and
heart are in an attitude of motivation all of the the
time. I want to hit my goals and since they are present
in my mind and heart, I put my energies into them.
Discipline myself to live out my priorities. Most of the
time it takes plain old work. We have to discipline
ourselves and as we do we find ourselves becoming
more and more motivated. If we discipline ourselves, it
gives us wins and victories, which makes us feel good,
which motivates us for further action. If we don’t
discipline ourselves, we feel defeated and we fall into a
downward spiral of despair.
Are you keeping yourself motivated? You can. I know
you can because I have seen these principles and
actions work in my own life and the lives of the
brightest mind of the world. Take a moment right now
and see if you are living out the principles for keeping
Do you regularly read good books and magazine? Do
you regularly listen to good materials? Do you
surround yourself with positive and supportive people?
Do you know and focus on your goals? Do you
discipline yourself to action even when you don’t feel
life it?
Commit yourself to these and you will find that you
will become a much more motivated person…..
Upward and onward my fellas!!!