10 Dec 2013

Africa is ENDOWED

my muted pen
through the pages
of my paper- 
and left
my pad

The Headline was the only thing written
Africa is ENDOWED

18 Oct 2013

Liberty of Mind...

The set of cognitive faculties that enables consciousnessperceptionthinkingjudgement, and memory—a characteristic of humans, but which also may apply to other life forms

It's so great that mind is develop in a special way that tends to control man activities and feeling, but we control the mind and keep ourselves in the challenge of what we can do or not, the mind in its unique form is meant to be free but through it we can achieve milestone

6 Oct 2013


Came to earth on that very special day, Noting  do i know about where am coming, then i grow to  see a lady as my mama cuddling me from time to time, there comes a man with strong face, throws me up once a while and hardly see him. I was forced to stand alone, little do i know independce start from there.
I grow to see that we have different class in the society, i was trained by my father to be discipline and my mother thought me how to be proactive and respectful, this are element of success and good living.
On my path to good life, i love great and good things but my background holds alot back from me.....
I wish to do this and that,at which i solicit for help, but they ask, who are you or who are parents, this affect alot about me, because i have dream and i can see it becoming real, but could not actualise it cox my parent are not rich or influential......Have not retire the quest of making it in life.

But my question is that can't they believe in my dream without asking  about
ME OR MY FAMILY....I need your opinion

4 Oct 2013


Staying quiet to keep the peace can be a good thing,
but if the peace has already been disturbed, staying
quiet won't make anything better. Summon your
courage and speak up when you feel the need to.

30 Sep 2013


Having read the article posted by Validplanet on 28th of this month on nairaland I
still find it very difficult to comprehend why our graduates still don't get befitting
jobs. I copied out some of the interesting and educating comments for your digest.
I advise you read this and put up your comment on our wall to educate somebody
Ngwakwe: Most of those people you called non-graduates and illiterate are
graduate-artisans with multi skills capabilities having learnt and worked with so
many experts and trainers in one field of endeavour or the other. Moreover, almost
all of them did complete their JS3 School programmes and cannot be categorically
called illiterate. I will advise most classroom-graduates to join them in the
meantime and until your luck shines (you get your dream job).
Wizee: Relax, u angry bcoz u've not goting a job yet. You have to b positive abt life,
going to school doesn't guarantee u job bt is an added advantage. Hope u have seen
2/3 storey built by dis so called illiterates colaps! Why? Bcoz they can't diff btw a
quality and quantity. Thats where d civil engineers cum in. Why can't this illiterates
build skyscraper? So Relax
Afam4eva: You don't get jobs because you're literate but because you're educated.
These people you're referring to as illiterates(whatever that means) educated
themselves in a particular field and are the best for the job. The fact that you're a
university graduate(not necessarily educated) does not mean you're better than
those people. It really sucks to be a Nigerian graduate cos all they teach you is to
graduate and go get a job. Your job is to find solutions to real life problems.
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