28 Sep 2013


To make a masterpiece, you have to risk making a
The point is: Life is messy. Achieving an important
goal, accomplishing something that's worthwhile and
valuable to you, or creating a "great" situation in your
life is often not at all a neat and tidy process. It may
not be a smooth process. It probably won't be a simple
process. It might not be easy. It's likely that it won't
happen overnight. It may be quite complicated,
actually. It could be that in the process of making that
"masterpiece" in your life, you make a few "messes"
along the way. As a matter of fact, some messes can
happen that are not even of your own making. The
messes are made just as a result of the process of
making that masterpiece, getting it made, and having it
become a "finished product." The messes that occur
along the way in the making of your masterpiece really
don't matter much. All you need to do -- or all that
you CAN do -- is just clean them up as you go. The
messes are simply evidence of the work you're doing,
and they don't detract from the value of the finished
product. When all is said and done, what's going to
matter, what's really important? The process of making
your masterpiece doesn't need to be perfect, neat and
tidy. In fact, the fact that it was a messy process and
you made your way through it will make the product
that much more valuable to you. Remember that the
result what is most important, and it's what people
will remember, not the little messes that were made
along the way to the result